Das Bild zeigt eine Ärztin am Schreibtisch, die einem Patienten ein Röntgenbild erklärt.


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The Centre for Cardiovascular Telemedicine was founded on 2. April 2008 at the Charité and performed at first the clinical trial"Telemedical Interventional Monitoring in Heart Failure" (TIM-HF, NCT00543881) of the project "Partnership for the Heart"(funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology).

From August 2013 to May 2018 the randomised clinical Trial "Telemedical Interventional Management in Heart Failure II (TIM-HF2) has been conducted (fundey by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research).

The development of telemedical product innovations in cooperations with scientific and economic partners in Research projects and the evaluation of the system in clinical trials is the main area of the Centre.