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Telemedical support for heart failure after an inpatient stay

Dear patients,

we currently offer telemedical support for patients with chronic heart failure within the framework of a contract for special care (according to §140 SGB V) (see following information) and Participation in our clinical studies:

  • Telemed5000-Voice
  • Telemed5000-Covid-19

Telemedical support for heart failure

We have signed a special care contract with BARMER. We are pleased that you are interested in it. We would be happy to inform you about the services of this special care, the service providers involved, the conditions of participation and the protection of your personal data.

Improved care

The present care concept is intended to improve the care of those insured by BARMER and to achieve more effective treatment. In the interests of improved care for patients with symptomatic chronic heart failure in NYHA classes II - III, there is telemedical support for those insured with BARMER.

You can expect these benefits

If cardiac functions deteriorate in the course of chronic heart failure, patients usually only notice this with a considerable delay. The deterioration must be diagnosed at an early stage. Telemedicine offers an "early warning system" for creeping changes and enables therapy to be adapted at an early stage. Special measuring devices equipped with sensors (e.g. portable EKG or scales) transmit the patient's health values ​​wirelessly to the Charité telemedicine center on a daily basis. The doctors there react immediately to abnormal readings, contact you and, if necessary, your treating doctor, and coordinate appropriate measures around the clock.

How to participate

The supervision period extends over 12 months and is voluntary and free of charge for you. If you are interested in participating, please contact your treating doctor or contact the Charité Telemedicine Center:

Telephone: 030/450 514 440


If you are medically qualified, you will be informed and invited to a conversation about telemedical support. The devices will be brought to your home, set up and explained.