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Health Region of Northern Brandenburg - Fontane

The North Brandenburg region, as a target region for FONTANE, has a functional tripartite division: Berlin, a more closely integrated area and an external development area. Only 14.6 percent of all Brandenburgers live on a third of the country's area - mostly in structurally weak rural areas. It is estimated that the population will decrease by 22 percent by 2030, while the average age will increase from the current 45 years to 53 years. The mortality of cardiovascular diseases is nearly 40 per cent higher in northern Brandenburg than the average in Federal Republic of Germany.

To ensure the non-inferiority of the medical care in structural underdeveloped rural areas in contrast to metropolitan areas is one of big challenges of the German healthcare system. With his telemedical care concept the consortium of the Fontane project won the competition "Healthregion of the future" from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in 2009.

To support the new care model, the FONTANE health region relies on telemedical innovations:

  • • the cross-sectoral use of modern information technologies, for example through the telemedical transmission of vital data,
  • • the control of diagnostics and therapy via molecular biomarkers,
  • • Process innovations, such as a telemedical point-of-care @ home concept for molecular biomarkers, which forms the technical basis for prevention, diagnostics and self-regulation of therapy as well
  • • Product innovations, such as a homecare platform and self-adaptive, prioritizing middleware.

These product innovations were evaluated in a clinical trial with 1,538 Patients between August 2013 and May 2018: Telemedical Interventional Management in Heart Failure II