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The health economic center BerlinHECOR (Centre for Health Economics Research) aims at a lasting, internationally perceived health economic research structure along with the development, organization and implementation of a broad performance test and analysis of the German health care system. The overall direction of the BerlinHECOR lies within the Department of Health Care Management, TU Berlin.

Based on an analysis of the TIM-HF study, the sub-project EvaluateTelemedicine will develop a health economic evaluation method for Remote Patient Management with regard to different telemedical systems and also with regard to different entities.

A particular challenge is the consideration of the different perspectives: (1) patients, (2) social / economic perspective (requirement for international comparisons), and (3) perspectives of a German health insurance. The project implementation is realized with the help of secondary data of the 69 health insurances, which participated in the TIM-HF I study.

Questions concern a) cost-effectiveness ratio (QALY-analysis), b) sensitivity analysis (costs of telemedical intervention) and c) cost appraisal of the spent resources and of the efficacy.

Duration: September 2012 until August 2013
Funding volume: ca. 64.000€

Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Education and Research