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MAS - Nanoeletronics for Mobile AAL Systems

Research and development project MAS focus on the development of an integrated approach for the areas of health monitoring and therapy support at home, and mobile health, wellness and fitness.

The main project objectives are validation of closed sensor-service chain of communications (AAL value chain) and the exploration and implementation of an AAL-technology platform.

Sub Goals of the project corresponding to five application demos:

  • Health and Activity Monitor
  • Point of Care Terminal and Gateway
  • Cardiovascular Monitor
  • Diabetes Monitor
  • Mobile Cardiotocography.

These developments and integration technologies are being tested in medical field (telemedicine / health service provider). The Charité supports the consortium in the MAS system- and application-planning and later implementation, and performs the relevant clinical tests on the systems implemented in the form of clinical applications, with focus on cardiac patients.


Sponsored by

The project is funded by the ENIAC European Union and the countries Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain.