Partnership for the Heart

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Partnership for the Heart

In 2005 the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology made a call for the program 'next generation media'. The objective of this program was to boost modern information and communication technology in prospective areas, e.g. in the field of health. For this purpose, the consortium Partnership for the Heart was founded. It is a network of innovative companies:

  • Aipermon GmbH & Co. KG (for end devices)
  • Robert Bosch Healthcare GmbH (for system integration and a telemedical workplace),
  • InterComponentWare AG (for the electronic health record),
  • the associated partner T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH (for communication technologies)
  • Professional Healthcare Providers CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin and
  • Robert Bosch Krankenhaus Stuttgart.

The purpose of this program was to develop a modern platform concept for telemedical home monitoring and test this in a randomized clinical trial including patients with chronic heart failure. In 2005 through 2008, the technical development was carried out. Due to the embedding of different sensors, the platform was also able to attend to comorbidities which are common for chronic heart failure.

Telemedical System of Partnership for the Heart

The project Partnership for the Heart (PfH) was accompanied by the clinical trial 'Telemedical Interventional Monitoring in Heart Failure' (TIM-HF, NCT00543881). In this trial, enclosing 710 patients with chronic heart failure, beside the evidence of medical superiority, the health economic efficiency of a telemedical therapy management was examined for the first time. The study is supposed to demonstrate the advantages compared to the conventional therapy, which is a requirement to apply for funding by the 'Gemeinsamen Bundesausschuss', the German board deciding on major changes in the German health care system.

Members of the consortium