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Clincal Study TIM-HF

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Clinical Trial TIM-HF

The TIM-HF study design (multicenter, randomized, prospective, open, parallel, controlled) corresponds to international standards. It is one of the largest randomized clinical telemedicine trials on chronic heart failure. The aim of the study is to evaluate the medical and economic benefits of telemedical care for patients with cardiac insufficiency. This should also create the prerequisites for an application for inclusion in the catalog of services of the statutory health insurance funds ("telemedicine on prescription").

After the first results were available, it was possible to demonstrate within the framework of the PfH project that telemedicine-cared patients significantly improved their quality of life. In high-risk patients, even lower mortality could be achieved. In non-depressed patients with adequate cardiac output who had been treated in hospital for decompensation in the previous two years, the mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases was halved compared with the control group. For the first time, TIM-HF defines precisely those patient groups with chronic heart failure who benefit most from telemedical care.

Telemedical care met with great acceptance among patients and led to a higher quality of life. This could be statistically proven through regular standardized patient surveys. In addition to the high feeling of security, the patients were able to stay in their home environment in the familiar social environment. The care was also seen positively by the patients in rural areas, who otherwise had to make long journeys to the treating doctor.

The following publications have emerged so far:

Main publication on the study results

Koehler F, Winkler S, Schieber M, Sechtem U, Stangl K, Böhm M, Boll H, Baumann G, Honold M, Koehler K, Gelbrich G, Kirwan BA, Anker SD, on behalf of the TIM-HF Investigators. The impact of remote telemedical management on mortality and hospitalizations in ambulatory patients with chronic heart failure: TIM-HF study. Circulation. 2011 May 3;123(17):1873-80.

Subgroup analysis:

Koehler F, Winkler S, Schieber M, Sechtem U, Stangl K, Böhm M, de Brouwer S, Perrin E, Baumann G, Gelbrich G, Boll H, Honold M, Koehler K, Kirwan BA, Anker SD, on behalf of the TIM-HF Investigators. Telemedicine in heart failure: pre-specified and exploratory subgroup analyses from the TIM-HF trial. Int J Cardiol. 2012 Nov 29;161(3):143-50.

Activity monitoring subanalysis:

Prescher S, Schoebel C, Koehler K, Deckwart O, Wellge B, Honold M, Hartmann O, Winkler S, Koehler F. Prognostic value of serial six-minute walk tests using tele-accelerometry in patients with chronic heart failure: A pre-specified sub-study of the TIM-HF-Trial. Eur J Prev Cardiol. 2016 Oct;23(2 suppl):21-26.

Jehn M, Prescher S, Koehler K, von Haehling S, Winkler S, Deckwart O, Honold M, Sechtem U, Baumann G, Halle M, Anker SD, Koehler F. Tele-accelerometry as a novel technique for assessing functional status in patients with heart failure: Feasibility, reliability and patient safety. Int J Cardiol. 2013 Oct 12;168(5):4723-8. 

Telemedicine and acceptance:

Prescher S, Deckwart O, Koehler K, Lücke S, Schieber M, Wellge B, Winkler S, Baumann G, Koehler F. Will telemonitoring be adopted by patients with chronic heart failure? Dtsch Med Wochenschr. 2014 Apr;139(16):829-34.

Prescher S, Deckwart O, Winkler S, Koehler K, Honold M, Koehler F. Telemedical care: feasibility and perception of the patients and physicians: a survey-based acceptance analysis of the Telemedical Interventional Monitoring in Heart Failure (TIM-HF) trial, Eur J Prev Cardiol. 2013 Jun;20(2 Suppl):18-24.

Winkler S, Schieber M, Lücke S, Heinze P, Schweizer T, Wegertseder D, Scherf M, Nettlau H, Henke S, Braecklein M, Anker S, Koehler F. A New Telemonitoring System intended for Chronic Heart Failure Patients using Mobile Telephone Technology - Feasibility Study. Int J Cardiol. 2011 Nov 17;153(1):55-8.

Telemedicine and Stroke:

Tütüncü S, Honold M, Koehler K, Deckwart D, Koehler F*, Haeusler KG*. 
Non-Invasive Telemedical-Care in Heart Failure Patients and Stroke – Post-hoc-analysis of TIM-HF and TIM-HF2 trials, ESC Heart Fail. 2020 Jun; 7(3): 884-91.

Telemedicine and Depression:

Koehler J, Stengel A, Hofmann T, Wegscheider K, Koehler K, Sehner S, Rose M, Deckwart O, Anker SD, Koehler F, Laufs U. Telemonitoring in patients with chronic heart failure and moderate depressed symptoms: results of the Telemedical Interventional Monitoring in Heart Failure (TIM-HF) study. Eur J Heart Fail. 2021 Jan;23(1):186-194.